Breeding and Training Stable Rubly


Our family has a long horse tradition. For more than 250 years, horses have been part our family, dating back to 1755.


Behind every successful operation stands a strong team. We are a family run business that is well-structured and organized. Our family (which is difficult to separate from work), can truly claim to be a young, modern and dedicated team.


Our horse stable is located in the Sickinger Höhe about 15 km away from the Rhineland-Palatinate State Stud Zweibrücken. Our main focus is the training of horses and riders, breeding and marketing of above-average young horses and ponies. In recent years, our high quality horses and their riders have achieved high levels of success resulting in multiple victories and top placings at international levels.  Check out our Equine References and see for yourself!

This level of success would not be possible without the experience, dedication and passion of our training staff. 


Meet the Family


Andreas Rubly

He has a masters in Equine Management. He is a professional rider and equestrian trainer who has succeeded in turning a hobby into his profession. His professional accomplishments in show jumping include:

  • Multiple national Rhineland-Palatinate champion including numerous local placings
  • Winner of the Southern German Jumping Championships in Nördlingen
  • Twice the winner of the Grand Prize of Saarland
  • Over 505 placements of those 80 S-level placements


Johanna Rubly

  • Member of the Rhineland-Palatine E-Squad- Junior team
  • Multiple placings: 1st & 3rd in the Rhineland-Palatine Junior Championships
  • Multiple placings: 1st & 3rd in the national championships for children under 14
  • Multiple winnings and placings up to M ** (1.35 m) levels
  • Participant in the German Youth Championships

Victoria Rubly


Is true to the equestrian sport. Several years she has been a member of the E-Level Squad-Children team. Victoria has already won the Rhineland-Palatine Children Championships.



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