Breeding and Training Stable Rubly


Employment Opportunities for Job Seekers

We are constantly looking for new hires and always need a helping hand. If you have an equestrian background, we encourage you to apply! 







We are always looking for candidates with the following experiences:

  • Riding (A to S level): dressage, jumping, eventing
  • Stable management
  • Horse care: grooming, feeding, lunging
  • Teaching: Riding instructor for adults and children, all levels of teaching are welcome 

We require English speaking skills for all positions!


The duration of our positions start with 2 weeks and last to 3 or 6 months. If you are looking for a permanent full- or part time position, feel free to contact us.

Complete our Questionnaire for Job Seekers if you are interested in joining our team. We look forward to your application!



Employers Seeking Candidates

Finding the right candidate for an equestrian profession can be challenging. Thanks to our wide network of partners, we can assist in helping you find an equestrian professional. We are specialized in finding qualified candidates throughout the European and Chinese markets. However, it is possible to expand our searches worldwide.


Through our business, employees are registered and insured for the length of their employment contract. Additional contractual agreements might be necessary. In such cases, we arrange meetings to help clarify the necessary agreements.



If interested, please complete our Questionnaire for Employers. This will help us find the right candidate for you.


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